Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions is frequently ask to our service by members.

1. How can I subscribe to Ororplus Investment?

Pour s'inscrire à Ororplus Investment, il vous faut avoir un compte Ororplus Travel ou un compte Ororplus Market. Et grâce à ce compte Connectez-vous et commencer à investir. Pour avoir un compte Ororplus Travel ou Ororplus Market veuillez Nous contacter.

2. How many days should I invest?

The duration of the investment is counted from the date you initiate investment. The day that the investment is counted in this period. It is important to note that the days of weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are not counted as a day of investment, you will earn money only the working day.

3. From how much can I invest?

There is no limit to the amount of investment. the minimum investment is 1 USD and You can invest as much as you have money in your wallet account.
When you invest less than 500 USD, at the end of investment, your earn can only perform registration in other members to Ororplus Investment.
If your investment is more than 500 USD, you can get your investment gain in cash.

4. How can I take possesion of my winnings?

To take possession of your gain, simply remove it from member area and then we will arrange to credit your account (VISA Account or other you can send us).

5. So how investment can I have?

You can create as many investments as you want and each investment has a lifespan of 90 days for 150% of rate.